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Tanja Jovanovska Antevska has over two decades of combined work experience in the most influential media in Macedonia and organizing, coordinating and managing public relations, organizing events, creating and implementing communication strategies, designing and implementing events, communication with the media, as well as with social media. She says that her full commitment to her work tasks is a "flaw", ie the work - a preoccupation, and the satisfied clients - a food. Tanja is a graduate philologist with a desire to upgrade what she knows, but also to constantly learn and look for new challenges by assembling them like Lego bricks, because nothing in the PR business should be left to chance.

She got acquainted with journalism in Vecer, one of the oldest Macedonian media, but she mostly stayed in the team of Vest, one of the most successful journalism projects in the country. The cooperation with the two-time European handball champion Vardar, in the years when the club won both titles, introduced her to the field of public relations.

The combination of the desire to always penetrate to the best solution for the needs of the client with the journalistic experience working on topics from the real sector, through Tanja created a thread that completes the team of Chapter 4 Macedonia.